About us

Cecil Green Arts was conceived out of a creative fire-bolt of inspiration in 2011 and the artistic team have enjoyed working together ever since.

CGA incorporated as a CIC in 2018 and has gradually grown into the respected, creative organisation it is today. 

CGA responds to the stories being told, ancient or contemporary, using a variety of storytelling techniques to encourage participation in the arts by blending professional performance and community events. 

Being involved in many of Bradford’s communities, CGA brings light, joy and meaning through creative responses to the needs of ordinary communities, many of whom are accessing street art for the first time.

CGA’s mission is:

Cecil Green Arts’ mission is to place celebratory, inclusive and high-quality outdoor arts at the centre of every community within Bradford District and beyond. We aim to inspire and co-create within diverse communities, listening to and responding to their needs, providing people with opportunities and a voice. We use our creative engagement as a means to foster and enhance wellbeing; tackle inequality; contribute to place making and social inclusion; and promote the need for environmental change – thinking globally and impacting locally.

CGA’s vision is of a society where…

The creative potential in each member of every community is recognised and celebrated.

Everyone has the opportunity to experience and participate in high quality outdoor arts, through the mediums of puppetry and performance delivered via workshops and events.

Through the shared celebrations of CGA, people feel a sense of belonging and are empowered.

Communities are brought together and enabled to find their voice, build understanding of their own and others’ lives through creating a space where alternative views can flourish. Communities can discover new ways of expressing anxieties and ambitions, comment on and respond to challenges and inform and influence our world.

Active engagement with the arts and culture enhances and transforms the lives of individuals, improving wellbeing, developing skills, informing personal development and developing aspiration, ambition, creativity, employability, self-worth and resilience.

We have a thriving, healthy, local and global environment in which people are empowered through their actions to live at one with the planet and the climate emergency is no more.

Our Approach

There is the seed of an artist in everyone but sometimes it’s hidden too deep in the earth.

Encouraging creativity and revealing that artistic talent is at the core of Cecil Green Arts’ work. We provide opportunities for individuals to play, get messy, work together, share stories, build community. The art happens when we bring ourselves and our creations together. 

We create performances and events of artistic excellence which are co-created with the communities around us. Community involvement gives our events meaning. These shared experiences, unexpected meetings, bonds of friendship and memories made together increase understanding and acceptance between people and communities.

The healing potential of the arts is rich and fertile ground enabling our seeds to grow. We celebrate an increase in the recognition of the impact that arts can have on people’s mental and physical health. Through the arts, we aim to improve health, promote wellbeing and strengthen communities by providing new opportunities for social connection. 

Our Process

Cecil Green Arts works with community groups, developing ideas and themes leading to creative participation that often happens in outdoor spaces. 

Our professional artists facilitate creative workshops providing materials and equipment to enable the creativity to flow. We then develop a final event with as much community involvement as is possible, whether that is the unveiling of a mural or a parade with hundreds of people attending. All project development is carried out with the same thorough planning to ensure success.

We see the final event not being an end but the next part of the growing process… we invite participants to reflect and then continue to co-create developing more seeds to nurture.

All CGA artists are paid the same wage, a fair living wage, and we make collective decisions about how our organisation operates. We are a not for profit company, any profits generated are invested back into the company.


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