We have been creating giant puppets that celebrate the mythical stories surrounding the origins of the city.

Compendium of Mythical Beasts 

What are the mythical stories that underpin the origins of our city and district in this little corner of West Yorkshire?

This is a land of urban grit, of strength and courage in the face of adversity. It is also a land of beauty, found in the face of human interaction, in hidden corners of cement and stone. A land of dales and becks and moors.

In exploring these mythical origins alongside Bradford 2025 and Bradford Producing Hub we have been involved in the creation of the following beasts! 

Directed by Andrew Kim of Thingumajig Theatre Thingumajig Theatre – Thingumajig Theatre, costume design by Naomi Parker and music by Eddie Kean Raven Staging

Rombald the Legendary Giant 

Rombald is a 4m high Illuminated giant puppet. This street theatre act is prestigious in its creation. The Giant is constructed from the inspiration of the West Yorkshire dales. 6 performers in stone mason costume animate a series of boulders and rocks which playfully build throughout the act to reveal the monolith of Rombald. Performed to a unique musical soundtrack, with each of the 6 boulders that form the giant being a lantern in its own right, Rombald the legendary giant is a visual and acoustic theatrical experience. This performance works best at dusk or at night. 

The Bradford Boar 

A street theatre act incorporating the mythical Beast of legend. The Bradford Boar is a 3m high illuminated puppet which entertains audiences animated by its troop of costumed performers. The show, complete with fire and illuminated puppetry, tells a story of ecological significance to a modern day audience. The puppet is wildly and beautifully brought to life, accompanied by its own unique musical soundtrack, weaving together medieval and eastern traditions and in this way creating a visually spectacular experience. 

The Cottingley Faeries 

The Hoax that caught and fooled the imagination of the world is brought to life in this beautifully intricate performance. Three illuminated Faerie puppets emerge from the faerie kingdom to frolic, tantalise and to tease. Performed by the guardians of the Fae, they tell a story of how community can be built through love to triumph over isolation. Beautifully created, sumptuously costumed, with their own unique mischievous music, ‘The Cottingley Faeries’ combine puppetry and shadow theatre to create a highly entertaining street show. 

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